SMART VALOR will launch a series of trading events on KyberSwap

  • November 13, 2020

After the big success on Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz, SMART VALOR is planning to launch a series of trading competitions on one of the most prestigious DEXs in the Crypto Space: KyberSwap.

Learn and earn

The series of competitions will start with a learn & earn program where users will need to educate themselves and answer a quiz. The fastest 10 users will win 50 USD worth of VALOR tokens.

Twitter share campaign

In the first few days there will be another Twitter share campaign where users can win up to 30 USD worth of VALOR tokens for sharing the competition.

Double trading competition

The main event will contain a double trading competition which will first start on KyberSwap and then continue on SMART VALOR. The first part on KyberSwap will be from the 16th November - 25th November where users can win up to 2000 USD. The second part will continue on SMART VALOR itself starting from the 26th November to the 5th December. Participant of the first competition will be able to participate in the second round of the trading competition.

Details of this second competition are a secret but we will be announcing it closer to the end of the first trading competition. Get yourself a Metamask and start trading VALOR on Kyber!

For more information on these events please join the KyberSwap telegram channel.

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